McGraw Park

McGraw ParkA local bike club member discovered this piece of public property in 1999 and began laying out a loop trail that has 5 miles of wooded and open single track. Making use of the three existing concrete fords the trails winds through the Little Salt Creek valley and then features climbs on the steep wooded hillsides to the south. Use caution crossing the fords during high water! Although some recent logging has hurt the aesthetics the trail is still worth a ride due to its easy access and fast single track. The climb out of the valley, which utilizes a township road, is rewarded with two miles of flat and down hill running to get back to the valley floor.

Trail Map
Trail Steward – Dave Lewis

…parts of this park look like a scene from a Stephen King novel. The hand pump water well, outdoor movie screen, and shooting range are still recognizable in spite of natures attempt to over grow and consume them.

…local electrical equipment manufacturer McGraw Edison donated their company picnic grounds, built in the 50’s, to the city of Zanesville in 1985.  The 100 acre property has gone largely undeveloped ever since. The park was purchased by the MVPD in 2003.

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