Mayhem Details

Online Registration

Race Fees & Event Schedule – Please see info located on registration main page

If you read nothing else, please read THIS:
We strongly recommend that racers pre-ride the course to look at the advanced sections and make sure they are confident with their line choices. Advanced sections mandate jumping. 

Event total Length approximately 13 miles

Distance of timed sections
Section #1: 1 mile
Section #2: 0.75 mile
Section #3: .4 mile
Section #4: 1 mile
Section #5: 1.1 mile

Time to complete 1.5-3hrs

OPEN SOLO DIVISIONS – Open Male & Open Female
OPEN TEAM DIVISION – Team with 2-4 people, see below

The team format is the key to making this event fun for riders of any ability or discipline since only the 2 fastest times count on each section. The terrain is meant to challenge both XC and DH riders, with the bypass lines being just slightly slower than the technical lines.

Details on how the event will be run:

– Teams will leave the start in pre-designated groups of about 10 riders
– Solos will leave in pre-designated groups of about 4 riders
– Groups will start in waves 10 min apart (teams) or 5 min apart (solos)
– Groups will follow a marked course of green arrows and course tape
– When groups arrive at a start of race section for the timed section, they will identify themselves to the starting official and state when they are ready to start. Starter will give the team the ok, and start the team with 10-30 seconds between teammates.
– Upon finishing the section, the team can regroup and ride to the next section
– All sections will be scored electronically. The start will be manually entered into a computer and the finish will be read with a chip sensor and there will be manual back up as well.
– Starting officials will provide a 3-2-1 countdown. It is imperative that you communicate with this official in order to assure the accuracy of your time.
– For teams, the fastest TWO times will be used for scoring for each section.

– There will be time bonuses for team members in certain categories (ie. women, clydesdale) see below

RULES  (For any discrepancy, final judgment will be made by race organizers at the event)
– Teams must stay and finish together or suffer 10 second penalty per each rider who doesn’t arrive at each section with the team.
– Teams must be ready at their designated race start time for the start of the Enduro – If not on time they will go at the end of the starting list
– Riders who jump the start on any given timed section will get a 10 second penalty
– It is ok to pass another team in between race sections
– Riders do not get reruns, unless timers call a timing error or course shut down or otherwise approved by race official
– Riders must finish the course within 3 hrs
– Timing deductions are for teams and are intended to level the playing field and encourage all sorts of team make ups
o Women will get a 10% timing deduction
o Riders over 50 years – 5%, over 60 – 10%
o Riders over 215 lb – 5% We will have a scale, weight is without a pack
o Youth (17 & under) – 10%
o Deductions are additive! ie. a 215 lb woman over 60 gets 25%!

Course cutting
– Any rider trying to save time by choosing a line that lies outside of the marked course will be disqualified.
– The organizer will appoint special ‘Flying Marshals’ to travel around the course at their own discretion. These ‘Flying Marshals’ will report rule violations to the organizer.

– Advanced lines (on timed sections only) will be arrowed with pink “X’s” and yellow caution tape, all advanced lines will have green by-passes. We strongly advise that you do not hit advanced lines without seeing them first, as some contain mandatory gap jumps. All features on the main trail (where there are no by-passes) are rideable, but some require a speed check to do so safely.
– Passing- you may pass in a race section at any time. You may pass in transfer sections as well.
– Please avoid distracting the time keepers- they have a tedious job so only ask a question if necessary and when they are not actively engaged in timing.
– Please KEEP MOVING! A brief rest after your timed section is fine, but the flow of this race is dependent upon riders continuing to move along the course.
– If you need to bail, ask a time keeper for the shortest way out! Please notify a time keeper and an official at the start/finish if you DNF so that we aren’t looking for you. We have decided not to disqualify the whole team for a DNF, but the team will be given a 30 second time penalty for each DNF.

Times will be posted at the main venue as they become available.
Awards will be done as soon as results are tallied.

Rider Equipment 
Each rider must be self-sufficient during the entire duration of the race. Personal responsibility and self-sufficiency are a large part of the spirit of enduro racing and riders are encouraged to carry adequate equipment for operating in mountainous environments. Each rider should remember that they are solely responsible for themselves but should also help other competitors on course where possible. There will be one water stop approximately half way through the course.

Camping– Primitive camping is available at the venue. There are some fire rings around. There is no running water, only portolets. We will have a bonfire, but bring your own wood for smaller fires.  Campers are allowed.

NOTE: The use of generators in the upper (main) parking area is allowed. Please do not use generators in the lower lot.  The lower lot should be used by campers seeking quieter surroundings.


“PRACTICE” Trail Directions: Prior to the event weekend the trail head for practice is located on State Route 146. It is across from the intersection of 146 and Zion Ridge Road (in the field to the north). It is around 6 miles west of Cumberland on the right, and 18 miles east of Zanesville on the left.

The Wilds is one of the largest and most innovative wildlife conservation centers in the world. Located on nearly 10,000 acres in southeast Ohio, it is home to rare and endangered species from around the world living in natural, open-range habitat, as well as home to hundreds of indigenous species. In addition to innovative, in-depth science and education programs. The mountain bike trails are on the other side of the road from the preserve. Check out to arrange a tour!

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