The AOA-Bike Fettish Mayhem Enduro


Saturday May 9th & Sunday May 10th (Gates open 5pm Friday)

Welcome to the 4th annual AOA Mayhem Enduro!
–>Online Registration<–

Online registration closes at 6pm Thursday May 7

Highlights for 2015:
On-site registration at venue is available on:

Saturday from 6-8pm and Sunday 8-9:00am IF the field is not full (200)

  • New and exciting sponsors and demos
  • $4000 prize purse
  • Saturday night fun competition event
  • Spectator loop
  • Men and Women’s Solo division │ Team divison

Details   Results   The Wilds Info   Special Event Parking Area Directions

THE WILDS – Cumberland, Ohio

From Europe to America with Love… we introduce to you an emerging race format, a new way to ride, race and enjoy good times with friends. The multi-stage Enduro.

Learn to form a new set of expectations my good friends because this event is going down totally different from anything you’ve experienced before. This is a solo and team format (2 to 4 person), multi-stage time trial event. Groups of teams and solos will depart on a quest like no other. While on course your team will encounter 5 timed sections that will focus mainly on gravity runs with some features. But it’s Ohio so there will be some climbs and plenty of sprinting. Each section will feature several “safe” lines that bypass more advanced lines. Think risk = reward. Each rider from your team will take an individual run on each 3-6 minute trail section. The fastest two individual times from each section will be combined for your team’s overall scoring.

Look at it this way… no one is jockeying for position, cutting you off, holding you up on a decent or climb. We are going to time you on the best portions of trail AOA and the Wilds can throw at you…ride at your pace between race sections and tell stories, talk trash, or eat up some performance enhancing wafers. If you’ve ever done a group ride you know this is the way it goes down… you ride casually then when the fun stuff is staring you down it’s nothing but all out effort as you either try to drop your friends for bragging rights or simply find that groove that defines the ride. The effort turns to smiles as the wind silences the conversation and the flow of the trail commands your attention, skills and soul. Legendary, award-winning ales and lagers from Sierra Nevada will be awaiting you as we celebrate the Mayhem Enduro and the good times that will come with it.

Course preview and team practice will be available on Saturday. Camping is available free of charge. Tents, campers, trailers, bonfires, and mobile homes welcome. The Wilds, one of the world’s largest conservation centers is next door for you and the family to explore before, during or after the event.

This race is not for those with poor attitudes or the inability to try something new. If you’re in a hurry to race and hit the road to get back to your busy life this may be a race best left off your calendar.

This is the primary fundraiser for Appalachia Outdoor Adventures (AOA) a charter member of the International Mountain Bike Association, and will be run and administered by dedicated AOA volunteers.

To quote Harlan Price in Dirt Rag’s February 2012 cover story…”Enduro racing tends to emphasize the technical skills that some cross county riders don’t possess and the endurance many downhillers ignore.”

**on-site registration is available on Saturday from 6-8pm and Sunday 8-9:00am**

See details link below for rules and how the event will be organized.

Details    Results    The Wilds Info   Special Event Parking Area Directions

2014 results

Mayhem Logo 2014 White

Mayhem Sponsors (3)

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